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Career Opportunities at Educare Washington, DC

A hallmark of Educare schools across the country is the high standard set for teachers and professional support staff. Each of the classrooms at Educare Washington, DC, is staffed with a lead teacher holding a B.A. in early childhood education, an assistant teacher with an A.A. in early childhood education, and a teacher aide with a high school diploma and credentials in child development. Master teachers with advanced degrees in early childhood education supervise three to four classrooms.

Educare schools maintain low staff-child ratios and small class sizes. Infant-toddler rooms typically have three teachers for eight children in the classroom, while preschool rooms average three teachers for 17 children. Because continuity of care is so important for young children, Educare's primary teachers remain with them for three years, from ages birth to three. A second team of teachers remains with children from ages 3 to 5.

Educare teachers, students and families receive support from a professional staff of family-support specialists holding master's and bachelor's degrees. These on-site specialists work in collaboration with the teaching team to provide a full complement of support services for Educare families.

Overall operations are managed by Educare's administrative staff.

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