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Educare Learning Network

Educare Washington, DC, is proud to be part of a coast-to-coast network of Educare schools.

As one of the nation’s most effective early childhood schools, Educare makes certain financially disadvantaged young children have the best possible chance for success in life. Our approach extends beyond the classroom to help children, families and communities thrive.

The Educare Learning Network was created by the Ounce of Prevention Fund and the Buffett Early Childhood Fund in 2003. The Network has since grown to include Educare schools, Head Start providers, school districts, philanthropists, researchers, policymakers and other like-minded early childhood champions.

We build public-private partnerships across the country to create strong schools and longtime champions who will amplify our call for change. Together, we can accomplish our shared goal of helping our most vulnerable children enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Visit educareschools.org to learn more about Educare.

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