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Meet the Monk Family

Tandria and Marcus Monk drove past Educare Washington, DC, in 2012 and were intrigued by the structure of the building. They wondered what kind of school it was. Turns out, it was the conveniently located high-quality early learning school they were looking for. 

Their son Eric has now transitioned from Educare and is in 1st grade, 3-year-old Xavier is currently enrolled and they welcomed a baby girl, Chevé, in November who will also attend Educare. Educare has helped their children to grow and develop, and provided support for their family.

Before attending Educare, Xavier and Eric were shy, but now they are more active and engaged and talk a lot. Xavier, especially, loves riding bikes, the outdoor play area, blocks, painting and water play—everything that's hands-on.

"It's a place they like to come to. When we say it's time to come to school, they're up and running," Marcus said.

Eric also benefitted from the hands-on curriculum. He was behind when he started at Educare, but now his teacher says he is doing well.

“It's a place they like to come to. When we say it's time to come to school, they're up and running.”

–Marcus Monk

Marcus and Tandria also recognize the importance of continuing learning at home and help their children brush up on the skills they learn at school. "There's always learning at home," Tandria said.

Marcus says it's important for parents to work with their children at home to keep them sharp. "We don't want them to be behind when they go to school," Tandria added.

One reason for this is so that they will continue to be successful throughout school and beyond. Tandria and Marcus aspire for their children to continue their education and go to college.

Marcus explained that they want their children to pursue "education as far as they can go and to do what they chose to do. We will be supportive of what they do, but education is number one. Without that, you don't have any choices."