As an Early Head Start and Universal Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4 program, our selection criteria is determined based upon various eligibility factors. Our Enrollment department is able to determine eligibility by reviewing required documentation, along with conducting a personal intake interview with each family. 

Our selection process is not based upon first-come, first-served, but rather on serving families that have the highest needs. 

To begin the application process, families should complete an Enrollment Application for each applying child and submit the Eligibility and Enrollment documents listed below.  

Program Age Requirements: 
Early Head Start: Ages 6 weeks – 36 months 
Pre-K 3: Must be 3 years old by September 30th 
Pre-K 4: Must be 4 years old by September 30th

Income Requirements: 
2020 Poverty Guidelines
Note: Income must be verified for all parents/guardian(s) living in the home the home that contribute to the household income. Income is an eligibility consideration for Early Head Start only. 

Learn More About Enrolling Your Child

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If you have any additional questions about our program or your eligibility, please feel free to contact us at 202-727-5604 or email us at Our family engagement team will be happy to give you a tour, tell you more about our program, and assist you with the enrollment process. 

Please note that we are not hosting on-site tours during our COVID-19 related school closure. We look forward to welcoming you remotely during this time.

Ready to Apply?

Utilize the list below to ensure that you have all the required documents to complete your application. Incomplete applications will delay processing. Note that submitting an application does not guarantee placement. If your child is eligible but a vacancy is not available, your child will be placed on a wait list. 

Start your application today! Please note the link will redirect you to our secure application form via ChildPlus. 


Such as a DC motor vehicle operator’s permit or official government-issued non-driver identification that is valid and unexpired. 

Options: TANF, SSI, SSDI, Income Tax Return (ex. 1040, or W-2), Unemployment Income, 3 most recent pay stubs reflecting DC state tax withholdings, completed “Employer Income Verification” form showing hours worked and pay rate (only if unable to provide pay stubs)

Head Start Definition of “Family” and “Income” 

  • Family: relates to household size and income eligibility is, “Family means all persons living in the same household who are supported by the child’s parent(s)’ or guardian(s)’ income; and are related to the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s) by blood, marriage, or adoption; or are the child’s authorized caregiver or legally responsible party.” 1305.2
  • Income: relates to income verification and eligibility is, “Gross cash income and includes earned income, military income (including pay and allowances, except those described in Section 645(a)(3)(B) of the Act), veteran’s benefits, Social Security benefits, unemployment compensation, and public assistance benefits. Additional examples of gross cash income are listed in the definition of “income” which appears in U.S. Bureau of the Census, Current Population Reports, Series P-60-185. 

2020 Poverty Guidelines


Options: Current Mortgage statement, Copy of Lease with rental ledger of payments, Letter from transitional housing facility, unexpired Vehicle Registration that matches I.D information, (2) consecutive utility bills showing proof of payment ( Electric, Water or Gas only), Military Housing Order, An embassy letter, Proof that a child is a ward of the District of Columbia in the form of a Court Order

Letter size, not card-sized – from parent(s) and all dependent children

For all students aged 3 years and older, use DOH Oral Health Assessment Form to report your child’s oral health status to their school/child care facility. 

Court documentation (if child is in Foster Care)

From parent(s) and all dependent children

With case number – WIC/Family ID (case number) can be located on the last page of your WIC booklet that was given to you at the time of registration, on your voucher slips. You can also call the DC Department of Health at 202-442-9397 or 800-345-1942. 

Visit DC WIC Program for additional information. 

Please submit a letter from the Department of Health and Human Services or benefit statement that reflects name, DC address and benefits expiration date. 

Visit DC’s SNAP page for additional SNAP benefit information.

Contact information for specific account information: 
Service Contact:
Department of Human Services 
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 202-807-0405

Letter from school registrar, official transcript, official letter of enrollment to state program term.