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Our parents are important to us. As a parent, you are your child's first teacher. At Educare, we value parents and want to work with you to help give your child the best early learning experience possible.

Opportunities and offerings for parents include:

  • Regular updates on your child's learning and school curriculum
  • Advice on child development and milestones
  • A family support specialist to connect you with the school and help you achieve your professional and personal goals as parents
  • Opportunities to get involved at the school and connect with other families
  • Referrals to community resources

Share your ideas

We value your input. Please share with us what you would like to see offered for families at Educare, such as parent activities, learning opportunities and other resources. Please contact your family support specialist with your ideas.

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Resources for current Educare parents

The Families

“I can see Rasheed going a long way, getting an education and a career — something he can build a foundation on and he can pass on to his children and live comfortably and humbly in life.”

–Sakinah Butler, Educare Washington, DC, parent.

Meet the Butler Family

Sakinah Butler describes her five-year-old son Rasheed as being very active, energized and compassionate. He’s excited to go to Educare Washington, DC, every day, where he has been learning a lot—from sharpening his math and language skills to discovering facts about outer space and nutrition. Butler knows it’s also important that Rasheed is learning at home as well. Read more.

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