Educare DC works to ensure that all children get a strong start in life. Our school is actively involved with advocacy at the local and federal levels, and has a Parent Ambassador program which mobilizes parents in advocacy and ensures that the voices of those with lived experience are heard in DC City Hall and Congress. We aim to advance the needs of the families we serve as well as support the public policy priorities of the Educare Learning Network, which include: 1) universal child care and early learning, 2) stable and supported families, 3) thriving early childhood workforce, 4) healthy and supported children, and 5) strong early childhood systems in every community.

We work to educate policymakers and serve as a resource with a goal of enabling high-quality early childhood education for our most vulnerable young children. We are proud to work with Under 3 DC, the Alliance for Early Success, and the First Five Years Fund, as well as other partners.