Educare DC delivers comprehensive services to children as young as six weeks old, and partners with families to ensure the success of students.

  • Educare DC’s school year is full day, year-round. Students receive a nutritious and well-balanced breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack each day.
  • Our on-site health and wellness program ensures that students receive immunizations as well as hearing, vision, and dental screenings.
  • Our teachers and instructional coaches work closely with parents to ensure that all students are learning and developing appropriately. They assist families if additional resources and services are required.
  • Our family engagement program collaborates with parents as their child’s first – and most important – teacher. This dual generation approach supports parents to be advocates and drivers of their children’s education.
  • We develop strong community partnerships, including with local fitness, arts, gardening, and health organizations, to deliver expertise and enrichment.
  • Through the Educare Future Scholars program, every child enrolled at Educare DC receives a 529 scholarship account. Throughout the school year, Educare DC celebrates children’s attendance and family involvement by making deposits into the 529 scholarship account. These funds can be used to pay for post-secondary education expenses. We also help families open their own family savings account so they, too, can invest in their child’s future.

In our work beyond our walls, Educare provides high-quality training for early childhood educators across the city and works to impact broader community programs and policies through direct advocacy.

“Since Zarah started at Educare, her social, fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills have improved considerably. She can say, recognize, and write her own name. She can ride a bike and count to 20. Zarah has made friends and she is able to recognize and name her feelings, which they practice at school.”
— Damali F., parent of a three year old, Educare DC