In addition to providing training and professional development for our own teachers, Educare DC offers a series of trainings called the “Essential Practices of Educare” to area early childhood educators. These trainings provide practical instruction to center- and school-based programs on how to improve program practice and ultimately deliver stronger outcomes for children and families. Practitioners will develop their knowledge, behavior and practices to meet the increasingly rigorous quality standards in early education.

Holistic Training Across Four Key Areas:

  • Data Utilization: Use data effectively to fuel continuous quality improvement.
  • Embedded Professional Development: Include routines of professional development in the learning and collaboration of day-to-day work.
  • Intensive Family Engagement: Empower and strengthen parents’ capacity to fully realize their role as strong nurturers, educators and leaders in their families, schools and communities.
  • High-Quality Teaching Practices

Essential Practices of Educare trainings are offered in partnership with the Office of the School Superintendent (OSSE).

If you are a center director and are interested in setting up a personalized training for your staff, please contact us today.